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Streaked Hostas

Streaked hostas are generally unstable. This means that the plant will eventually change into a different form if left undisturbed. Usually such plants will change into a light color edged variety, a light center type or will develop solid color leaves. Examples of such hostas are: 'Dorothy Benedict,' 'Sweet Standard,' 'Fascination,' 'Galaxy,' and 'William Lachman.' In some cases the new form has been registered as a separate variety. For example, the cream edged form of 'Dorothy Benedict' is 'Nifty Fifty' and the all blue form is 'Janet's Joy.' Streaked hostas may generally be preserved in this form by periodically digging the plant and removing any divisions that do not conform to the desired streaked look. However, such plants will never achieve the huge size of varieties that are left undisturbed for many years.

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