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How to Grow Hostas Plants

How to Grow Hostas Plants

Hostas plants are among the favorites of gardeners. It is native to Asian countries like Japan, Korea, and China. These perennials are ideal for the garden, which doesn’t need too much sun. It is easy to grow and comes in various textures, height, sizes, and colors.

How to Grow Hostas Plants?

You may not know it, but hostas plants are edible and considered as foods in some parts of Asia. However, it can be poisonous to horses, cats, and dogs. These animals may experience depression, vomiting, or diarrhea if they eat the plant.

Do you want to grow hostas plants in your garden? Then, you’re in the right place. The following ideas will help you to grow hostas plants.

How to Grow Hostas Plants?


Hostas Plants are tolerant of various types of soil, especially if it was well-drained. If you plan to grow hostas, make sure that the soil is fertile and rich. Additionally, it also has enough organic matter.


The good thing about hostas is that they are real shade garden plants that can survive in full shade. Meanwhile, some varieties may grow best if they receive sunlight for a few hours daily. So, to grow hostas, you should expose it to the morning sun. It is beneficial for improving its yellow color.

Humidity and temperature

Another unique feature of hostas plants is you can grow it in different climates. You can grow them in a place that is protected against strong winds.


You must be responsible for watering your hostas regularly. So, it can make the soil moist but not wet. Keep in mind that the plant can tolerate dry soil, but it can’t survive for longer periods. With this, you must water them regularly. One tip in growing hostas is watering it beneath the leaves and near its base instead of overhead watering. Overhead watering can possibly attract snails and slugs.


Fertilizer is also essential in growing hostas plants. You can add a healthy compost layer in the soil during spring. It can feed nutrients to the soil, which also promotes the soil food web. You can choose a balanced organic fertilizer to grow your hostas.

You can apply it after plantation or during spring. You must also be careful to make sure that the fertilizer granules re not trapped on its leaves, which may burn it.

Propagation of Hostas

You can dig up the root ball in early spring or fall to divide the plants. You can divide it into small clumps of leaves and roots and through replanting. It can easily propagate, but you need perseverance in dividing the tough root clumps.

When Is The Right Time To Plant Hostas?

When Is The Right Time To Plant Hostas?

Are you curious when is the right time to grow hostas? Read further.

The hostas plants are best to grow during fall or spring. In fall, you can have potted hostas. On the other hand, you can plant potted or bare root hostas during spring. You must also soak barefoot hostas in water for a few hours before you plant them.

You can plant hostas plants by digging a hole. Then, you can add organic matter. You can make composted manure, ground tree bark, compost, and other materials as your source organic matter. It can retain the soil water which is available on plant roots.

Now that you have learned about growing hostas, you must also need to know the potential enemies of the plants.

Diseases/Pests for Hostas Plants

Snails and slugs

Slugs and snails may cause irregular holes on the leaves of your hostas plants.


Rabbits can be the culprit whenever you see clean-cut chew marks on the stems and leaves of the plant.


Deers love hostas plants. You can use motion-sensitive sprinklers or fencing to discourage deer on damaging your hostas plants.


Growing hostas plants is easy to learn. The first thing is to know where you’re going to plant it. Most hostas plants work well in shady conditions, but it is best to expose your plant in the morning sun. It is also a good idea to use fertilizer to feed your plants with nutrients.

By considering the above ideas, you can grow your hostas plants in the best possible manner. Do you want refreshing plants in your garden? It is time for you to grow hostas plants now!


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