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May 26, 2015
You have amazing hostas and all of mine will be coming from you! (Nancee Kizer - Toledo, OH)
Received my Hostas today...they were in good condition, packaging was very good and the plants are good size and healthy! Thanks so much. I started collecting Hostas many years ago and I bought my very first plants from White Oak Nursery and they are still growing. It is a challenge in Texas heat for the Hostas to thrive, but they are simply beautiful when they do. Look forward to doing more biz with you all in the future. (Diane McGee - Flower Mound, TX)
May 2, 2012

I received my plants today and as always they are lovely.

(Jerre Dunlap - Tullahoma, TN)
April 26, 2012
So happy with daylilies that came in the mail today. Each "one" was a good size clump (multiple plants) with large healthy roots. Lots more plant than the garden shop at a fair price! Thanks for your generosity. We are return customers. (Martha Stafford - Irmo, SC)
April 18, 2012

Received plants today and as always they are great. Thanks. (Jerre Dunlap - Tullahoma, TN)
April 12, 2012

WOW--what quality plants!...It is refreshing to find a company who believes in utmost quality. It is certainly evident in this shipment of daylilies. (John McCall - Valdosta, GA)
March 30, 2012

Oh how I love your wonderful hostas...I have purchased them in the past and can't say enough words about your product. (Bobbi Jo Rittmann - Elgin, Illinois)
June 2, 2011

Can't get enough of your hostas. They arrived today and I decided to buy more. Thanks for some wonderful hostas that grow so well from the 'get go.' (Anne Poleck - Farmington Hills, MI)
May 23, 2011

Placed an order last winter...they were shipped to me very vibrant and healthy and are still the same in their new garden home. I am so pleased I just placed another order from your refrigerator sale. I expect to be just as pleased with this order! (Kim Borneman - Yorkville, IL)
May 27, 2011

I have been a customer of yours for several years now, and have ordered dozens of hostas from you. Your plants, without exception, have been large, healthy and of the highest quality. Whenever I know someone is in the market for hostas, I tell them, go to White Oak Nursery! You're the best!! (Karen Valerio - Bloomington, MN)
May 27, 2011
Love the plants, they are doing great this season already. Quality is great! (Claudette Granados - Chicago Park, CA)
May 25, 2011

Just a note to say how wonderful the hostas are that I ordered. I am amazed at the extensive root systems. (Linda Pajor - Northville, MI)
May 25, 2011

Thank you for providing such nice plants on my last order...[they] are doing great! (Ken Ohlsen - Arthur, IL)
May 15, 2011

Package arrived. Beautiful plants already planted and looking great. Thanks. (Carol Gras - Zeeland, MI)
April 29, 2011
Just wanted you to know that my plants arrived and they are wonderful. Very healthy and in great shape. (Mary Shrewsberry - Perrysville, OH)
April 22, 2011

The size and quality exceeded my expectations. Nice job. (Jim Snider - Wadsworth, OH)
April 20, 2011

Just wanted to let you know that the daylilies I just received from you are already in the ground. I was so happy with how robust they were. Thank you. (Suzanne Baker - Garrison, NY)
June 1, 2010

Thanks again! All of your hostas do so well for me. (Karen Clementi - Montgomery, IL)
May 15, 2010

I'd rank your variety and plant health as a "10" on a scale of 1-10. I don't think anyone would argue that. I'm glad I found your site first when I was looking for hostas and daylilies. (Mike Smith - Fort Smith, AR)
April 27, 2010

I received my hostas today. GORGEOUS.....
THANK YOU!!! (Charlotte Woodhouse - Princeville, IL)
April 21, 2010

Thank you. Nice plants. Count me as a future customer. (Garcia Hill - Fort Washington, MD)
April 18, 2010

We've had wonderful success with previous orders, so you can count on repeat orders as we continue to expand our planting areas into the woods even further every year. (Lorraine Fried - Emmaus, PA)
April 6, 2010

Thanks for providing such lush, beautiful hostas year after year! (Jen Schwarz - St. Louis, MO)
March 23, 2010
I am a returning customer, and have been thrilled with the quality of the plants I've received from you the last several years. (Leslie Levine - Waban, MA)

Great plants every year!!!!! Thanks so much. (Leslie Kerk - Kaukauna, WI)
June 11, 2009

Please consider me to be a very satisfied customer who will be referring others to your website, and who will be ordering from you again.... (Georgianna Francis - Asheville, NC)
May 20, 2009

Thank you for the great hostas. You never disappoint me with the quality of the plants.
(Cheri Frisbie - Freeport, IL)
May 6, 2009

I ordered 8 hostas several weeks ago and they are doing great in the yard. I want to thank you for selling healthy and thriving hostas. Extremely pleased. (Willa Hackney - Cornelius, NC)
March 21, 2009

Last year's hostas did very well! I was impressed with how much they gained over the first season. (Lorraine Fried - Allentown, PA)
April 15, 2004

Hi, I wanted to let you know that I received my Hosta today and wanted to thank you for adding such nice healthy plants to my garden!!.... (Sue Timpson - Cape May Court House, NJ)
April 15, 2004


Just wanted to let you know that order arrived today. I must say that you guys have the nicest plants I have ever gotten by mail order. They are great. I immediately went out and planted them. Thanks again for terrific Hostas and great service (Emmett Murphy - Newport News, VA)
April 7, 2004

Just a note to let you know we received our order today 4-7-04. As always, your nursery stock is spectacular. Thank you. (Kurt & Jean Vandervlugt - Lake City, MI)
I am so glad you are adding daylilies! Hosta and daylilies are my passion...I can hardly wait! The hosta I have gotten from you in the past have been just wonderful. I recommend you to all of my gardening friends. Thank you. (Dawn Kinkade - Dwight, IL)
July 25, 2003

Dear Bob and Brenda,

I wanted to let you know how absolutely delightful an experience it has been ordering from you the past two years. You have a great selection, impressive plants and your prices and shipping are extremely reasonable.... The hostas have performed fabulously both years.... Thanks again. I look forward to Nov. 1 (Marilyn Guster - St. Cloud, MN)
May 15, 2003

I received my order, # 48967, two days ago. I was impressed w/the packaging (TLC) - I feel special! I also appreciate the included tags to label/identify the plants. The size was also impressive. I've ordered hostas from five different nurseries this year. I have to say, yours surpassed the others in packaging, size and price! I'm a happy camper:^) (Niola Ballinger-Brown - Cincinnati, OH)
May 10, 2003

I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my new hostas. They arrived on Wednesday and I was planting them that night. Everyone of them was in excellent condition when they arrived. I will recommend your site to all my friends and family. Thank you once again! (Jenny Rowan - Cincinnati, OH)
May 5, 2003

Just a short note to let you know how pleased I was with your order. I will be ordering again in the future. Thanks. (John M. Casper - Anna, IL)
May 8, 2003

Plants arrived in the mail. This was my first time ordering from a nursery and I'm very pleased. You were highly recommended in the hosta discussions and I will be a repeat customer next year. Thank you. (Chris Nargi - Staten Island, NY)
May 8, 2003

Received your shipment Tuesday, arrived in very good condition well packed, nice size plants with several growing points....Were you just being nice to me because it was my first time buying from you or is this the way you do business? Wish I had found you at the beginning of the season instead of the tail end. Will search your web site EARLY next season. Many thanks. (Frank Grgurich - Decatur, IL)
May 1, 2003


My hostas arrived today. I'm thrilled! They are nice and healthy with great root systems. Thanks so much for the care you take in packaging also. It has been a pleasure dealing with you. (Emmett Murphy - Newport News, VA)
April 30, 2003

Hello Bob & Brenda...

I am happy with the order. You sure do send quality plants. Your "Our prices" etc. is certainly true. I am sure going to enjoy them ! ! !
Thank you. (Edward Blas - Buffalo, NY)
May 1, 2003

Received my order on 4/30 - as usual, plants are beautiful and packing was excellent. Thank you! (Susan Stokke - River Falls, WI)
April 24, 2003

Bob and Brenda,

My order came today and I am really pleased with the look of my plants. The roots are huge, the tops look great and I can't wait to plant them! Last years' buys are coming up now in the garden and they look like they have grown over the winter. Thank you. (Kay Langevin - Acushnet, MA)
Bob & Brenda,

Just had to let you know...I received my hostas on Tuesday and they look great! This is my second year ordering from you and I wasn't disappointed. You sent nice, big, healthy plants and they arrived in excellent condition. Thanks so much! I look forward to ordering from you again next year...Hope you have a very enjoyable 'hosta'-filled year! (Deb Crabb - Swan, IA)
April 23, 2003


Received hostas late this afternoon. They were the nicest looking hostas I've ever received in the mail. I have 78 hostas,now. Thanks.
(Judy Funke - Washington, KS)
April 23, 2003

I received my order today-all in great shape. Thank you so much for the huge plants-talk about 'shock & awe'!! I am thrilled, and I look forward to doing business with you again. (Marsha Heilman - Napoleon, OH)
April 23, 2003

Hi Bob!!

Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that my hostas arrived yesterday and are in perfect condition....As usual, I'm very pleased with your hostas and service. (Renata LaMar - Atalissa, IA)
April 16, 2003

Received my order today and am SO delighted to have received divisions rather than tissue culture starts. They are quite healthy - great root systems! Thanks SO much! (Louise Niemer - Park Hills, KY)
April 10, 2003

Thanks Bob for taking care of my bare roots order, received all in excellent shape, very hardy they were too!! I will order from you again, will also tell my HOSTA friends too!! (Janet Gubine - Beaver Dam, WI)
April 10, 2003

I got my hosta today...They're GORGEOUS! I can't believe what nice, big eyes they have already! (Mini HaHa is going to be incredible, I can tell already.) Thank you SO much!! (DeAnna Burghart - Laguna Niguel, CA)
April 10, 2003

I received beautiful hostas yesterday (very healthy)....Many thanks. (Barbara Locke - Somerville, AL)
April 10, 2003

(Note attached to repeat order):
Loved my order! Thanks. (Kathy Truong - Lewiston, Maine)
April 6, 2003

We received our order on 4-2-03. We are very impressed with the quality. (Kurt & Jean Vandervlugt - Lake City, Michigan)
April 3, 2003


Hosta arrived in good shape. They are really unbelievably great in their root structure. Pam was almost beside herself in turning one plant into two, sometimes three, when she potted them....Thanks.

(Jim Funkhouser - Collinsville, Illinois)
January 14, 2003

...this is my third spring with you and I look forward to your box almost as much as I yearn for that first crocus...you provide first rate plants and service. (John Mora - Bellmore, NY)
December 27, 2002

[note accompanying 2003 order] The plants I received last year were fantastic! Thanks!! (Kathy Baum - Appleton, WI)
September 1, 2002

I received my hosta shipment last week [wholesale customer] and I am thrilled with the plants. Will definitely order again next year. Thank you. (Cynthia Gibson - Greenville, SC)
June 9, 2002

A very belated thank you for the beautiful plants, excellent shipping/packing and terrific communication. All plants you sent doing wonderfully here, I will be ordering again next season and have given your name to several friends. (Susan Stokke - River Falls, WI)
May 12, 2002


I just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with the hosta order I placed with you this Spring. The quality of your plants was impressive...especially the sieboldiana Elegans and Piedmont Gold! The montana Aureomarginata I ordered looked somewhat frost damaged, however, it's cranking out new leaves that are looking just fine. I'll definately order again from you in the future. Keep up the good work! (Esther Spaltenstein - Raleigh, NC)
May 11, 2002


I ordered several hostas from you this year and am very pleased with the quality. I was wonderng when I can order more hostas for next season?... (Nancee Kizer - Toledo, OH)
May 9, 2002

Hello. I just received my order today and I was very pleased. The plants look very healthy. They are also rather big. I did not know what to expect... (Eric Witgenstein - Marietta, PA)
April 25, 2002

Received and planted my 25 new Serendipity on Tuesday. As always, I was very pleased with the size and condition of the divisions when they arrived. (Marsha Fogarty - Normal, IL)

This is my third year of ordering from you and I have enjoyed every year and look forward to this one. (Larry Linquist - Clay Center, KS)
August 29, 2000

Hi: I want to thank you for the superior plants you sent me in the spring. They are doing fine. (Barbara Blatz - Caledonia, MI)
July 26, 2000

I received my order earlier this summer and loved my hostas that I received. They were larger and healthier than I could have dreamed. (Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Rittmann - Chicago, IL)
June 3, 2000

I would like to thank you for the nice hostas you sent. They were very healthy plants. Two of them were gifts for my sister-in-law. She loved them and in fact ordered several more from you as a result. (Terry VanValkenburg - Elk River, MN)
May 25, 2000

Dear Bob,

Got your plants late this afternoon and I got them all in the ground by 9pm. They are really nice plants. Alot of shoots for the money. My father-in-law got me 2 hostas for my birthday, from a different nursery, and they sent one pip. That's all. Your hostas were healthy, generous and a good price. I'll be contacting you next spring. Thanks again. (Denise Westman - Mound, MN)
May 26, 2000

Hi Bob!

I got the hostas yesterday...I was shocked...your plants must be gigantic!!! The Halcyon is absolutely gorgeous. (Sara M. Young - Durham, NC)
May 10, 2000

Hi Bob!

My hostas from you are great! WOW! (Don Casey - Waukesha, WI)
May 8, 2000

The hostas you sent had FANTASTIC roots and are absolutely beautiful! I am thrilled to refer others to you...thank you! (Pat Willow-Kulesza - Mt. Prospect, IL)
May 2, 2000

Dear Bob,

Thank you again for your good efforts and the beautiful plants. (George Thomas Wilson - Sayville, NY)
April 9, 2000

I received my hosta order and they are already in the ground. The hostas I ordered from you last year are coming up and look great. I am so impressed at the size of the plants you send. They are all very healthy looking and the roots are wonderful. (Faye Ramsey - Bethany, OK)

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