About Us

White Oak Nursery has been a family-owned business since 1984. The nursery was sold in 2013 and continues to operate as a family business. The same great service that you enjoyed under the previous owners will continue to be our top priority. We grow our plants on 33 acres in Woodford County, Illinois. We grow everything we sell, just as you have come to expect. Sales are by mail order only, with our objective being to satisfy our customers by providing a wide selection of varieties at reasonable prices.

About Our Plants

Some nurseries are selling small, tissue-culture “baby” plants. We refuse to do that. All of our plants are field-grown, not pampered, small greenhouse specimens. When we do buy tissue culture plants we make sure they’re grown for at least two years after leaving the lab. Thus, you’re getting plants that have lived through Illinois winter conditions. Small, baby plants are much more prone to winter kill than mature plants. Money saved by purchasing small plants is often lost in this way. So, if you find a source for plants much cheaper than us, please take the time to establish exactly what kind of plant you’ll be getting.

We ship our plants bare-root. Complete culture instructions are included with each order.